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We design and manufacture the necessary mixing groups, in order to obtain quality products for the industry.

The mixing groups used in our machines for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food industry meet and satisfy all customers needs, improving the production cycle and the characteristics of the chemicals and mixtures obtained.

It’s part of our philosophy being Customer Oriented and our company goal is to realize modern and efficient machines, following every step of the process from their design to their construction with precision and professionalism. We have in our archives the technical sheet of every single machine that is on the market, dated and updated over the years. We use them to identify the problem during maintenance services and to assist our customers in rapid times.

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We represent a trusted solution to your problem thanks to the assistance & maintenance service in rapid times.

One of our strength lies in the experience acquired during the years, that allow us to work with great flexibility, working out every job with dynamism and speed.

Thanks to the knowledge of every single machine and equipment that we repair, we can offer a rapid and efficient service of assistance and maintenance. For every machine we have the related and updated technical sheet, thus giving us the possibility of pointing out the problem structure in rapid times.

Our qualified staff work according to the safety regulations in force.

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The mechanical workshop occupies an indoor area of 800 sq. m.

Here we accomplish every project, cooperating with the technical office, which supervises every step of the work.

In addition to the main activities of our company, we have developed different process plants, combining our experience to the customers needs.
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